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Black Twitter Divided Over Zenande Mfenyana’s Clapback At Fans Advice

Black Twitter Divided Over Zenande Mfenyana’s Clapback At Fans Advice. Actress Zenande Mfenyana is sitting at the top of the trends today as she revealed a very harsh side of herself that nobody ever wants to encounter to a fan who was only trying to console her.

Mfenyana has received mixed reactions after the hectic response she gave to a fellow pregnant woman who hit her up in the DM’s only trying to help the actress feel more confident about her new pregnancy look, after Zee posted a picture of herself looking very comfortable for a breast pads ad on Instagram.

The woman who is pregnant with her second child gave Zee some mom advice on how to deal with people mocking her pregnancy look as she has gone through it before with her first child.

Zenande felt the woman’s actions were very uncalled for and responded saying that her message was not welcome.

“I never said I’m not embracing my pregnancy. Just cause you laugh about it I don’t find any of it funny at all. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time,” she responded.

The fan made it clear that her advice came from a genuine place however, the conversation ended on a sour note as the actress told the woman were to get off.

Many have since been arguing who was in the wrong and it looks like a social media is torn as some think Zee was nasty to the woman while others think the woman should have minded her own business.

By Sinakho Mandla

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