5 Facts You Need To Know About DiepCity’s Nozuko Ncayiyane

5 Facts You Need To Know About DiepCity‘s Nozuko Ncayiyane. We love to see talented actors get the recognition they deserve and DipCity actress Nozuko Ncayiyane has been handed her flowers by fans who adore her latest TV role. The actress known as Pretty Ncayiyane plays the role of Nokuthula “Nox” Jele on Black Brains’s new telenovela and viewers can’t get enough of her.

The actress has worked hard to get to where she is with a career spanning over a decade. Here are a few facts that you should know about the talented actress.

Nozuko Ncayiyane is a 26 year old actress born in Port Shepstone, KwaZulu-Natal

The multi talented actress was raised by a single mother and has opened up about her “poverty” struggles.

Ncayiyane is a businesswoman and manager of a health and supplement company called Forever Health Conscious

Nozuko was a theatre actress before breaking into the entertainment industry

She has starred in popular TV shows’s such as Skeem Saam, Scandal and many more.

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