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Zozi Tunzi Apologizes For Past Insensitive Social Media Posts In Emotional Video

Zozi Tunzi Apologizes For Past Insensitive Social Media Posts In Emotional Video! Last week we had Miss SA contestants ruffled after more than one contestant including Bianca Schoombee had to bow out of the competition because of their past tweets that were dug up.

The Miss SA hopefuls were dragged for racist and derogatory social media posts that led to them officially being cancelled by the whole of Mzansi. Black twitter made Zozi the standard stating how unproblematic she has been with no offensive history before her reign.

Zozi has responded to all the chaos that has ensued since, saying that she too has made poor decisions before her reign and she’s not perfect although she is not the same person as she was back then.

In the video Zozi apologizes for her past insensitive mistakes that she is not very proud of claiming that she has been put at such a high standard but she is also human too at the end of the day.

“I was just so disappointed in myself and filled with shame that i thought it was okay to share that at that time so i want to take the time to apologize for those posts that i shared and to anyone that is/was affected by those posts and just to say those posts are in direct contrast to who i am and everything that i stand for“she said

She captioned her post stating that her apology is from the most sincerest of places.

From the bottom of my heart i’m so sorry” she wrote

By Sinakho Mandla

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