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Zinhle Reveals Why She Unfollowed Celebrities On Instagram

Zinhle Reveals Why She Unfollowed Celebrities On Instagram! The hardworking mom of one might be goals to a lot of women across the world who are part of her over a million followers but even she understands how social media can sell dreams.

In a recent interview, Zinhle revealed how she unfollowed most celebs on Instagram. She now follows only 354 people. “Honestly at some point, I had to unfollow everyone in the industry, I follow DJ’s now…I just needed to be away from that whole thing,” she said.

Zinhle says she made the decision because of the pressure it puts on people with everyone ‘slaying’. “The thing about Instagram is that you follow a lot of people and you get mislead, it’s just unrealistic…how can you not be envious sometimes, and this is why we’re all misled by Instagram and social media and try to live-up to standards that we don’t even know…,” Zinhle added.

“We’re giving social media too much power, people put you in a position where they think you can’t hurt and they say things to get attention and a reaction…people are just ignorant, they don’t know what they talking about.”

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