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Wendy Parker Opens Up About That Diski Diva’s Drama: “No klaps were given out”

kattt and wendy

Day in day out this week we’ve been hearing about the Diski Diva’s drama but no one has told us what really went down at the Kaya FM studio’s on that Friday afternoon.

Wendy Parker has finally spoken out about the altercation that apparently turned into a physical one rather than just ending with words.

Even though it was alleged that the fight was a set up to get the shows ratings higher Wendy Parker has spoken to The Citizen to set the record straight.

Wendy had this to say about the apparent fight: “There was no violence.There was pushing and pointing in faces, and a bit of hair pulling. It was not as violent as the media has made out. No klaps were given out.”Wendy also told the paper that Nonhle has been talking a lot of smack about the other Diva’s that are featured in the show and they’ve been wanting to confront her about it.

“The next step would have been to sit down and have a confrontation with Nonhle. Not a physical confrontation, but to sit down and say, ‘you know, you’ve said some things’ and find out where they come from. Unfortunately that meeting never happened. Kaya FM was the only place where we would find her.”

According to The Citizen Kat had requested a one on one session with Nonhle but her request has been denied countless times.

Mrs Parker says that she feels that the producers new that the animosity amongst the ladies was volatile but they still didn’t make the efforts to resolve it. “And they knew in no uncertain terms that Nonhle was being abusive. There was no intention to go in there and attack her. We simply wanted answers.”

Wendy went on to apologise for how the whole situation turned out.  “I don’t condone violence.” She also added that to her knowledge the show is not scripted so the fight could not be staged in anyway.

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