WATCH: Smash & Grab In Traffic, Beware Of The Street Beggar!

See now there’s a reason why people are skeptical about opening their windows and giving cash to those begging for cash on the side of the street. With the crime stats reaching the roof lately, you don’t know who to trust anymore.

Smash & Grab is a huge reality any where but you’ve never seen a beggar go from acting nice to smashing your window and then jumping through the window of your car to do Lord knows what in your car!

Footage loaded to YouTube by user Craig Jennings shows dramatic footage of a Johannesburg motorist falling victim to a smash & grab robbery along Witkoppen Road near the Cambridge Road intersection in Paulshof, it’s crazy how quickly it happened.

The video shows a man begging along side cars, hands out and all asking politely for something from the motorists driving by, next thing you know he’s standing on the side looking into the Rover, smashes the window and jumps through it.

The video does not clearly show if he took anything from the car but his actions are very dangerous none the less.

Moral of the story, be safe out there and not trust everyone you meet on the road that looks “poor”.

WATCH: Smash & Grab In Traffic, Beware Of The Street Beggar!

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