WATCH NOW: Khuli Chana Releases Powerful Video For His Single “9 Shots”!

khuli chana khuli chana

We all know about the event that took place in 2013 of rapper Khuli Chana being shot 9 times by police officers who later claimed that it was a case of mistaken identity.

Now you can only imagine that no one remembers that day more than the rapper himself as he has released a song that speaks on his experience and the journey from being shot to his final destination which is forgiveness.

The powerful music video displays scenes where we see a woman  posing with a gun surrounded by a number of people and another where blood drips from the face of a woman.

28 October 2013 is the exact date of when the incident took place. There are parts in the music video where Khuli Chana expresses the thoughts he had during the shooting and the challenges that came thereafter.

“All I can remember is bullets flying, I saw my life flash in front of my eyes. I get on the stage and rocking that mic again and getting love from the fans; gave me the ‘Will to Live’. It taught me that life goes on.”

Khuli’s story can clearly be depicted through the visuals of the video, moving from seeing skeletons and blood to eventually seeing a dove flying which intern represents the peace that came with his forgiveness.

“I forgave. From the time I decided to forgive, I experienced more miracles.”

Props to Khuli Chana for the great release and even bigger props to the director of the video, Kyle Lewis.

Khuli Chana: 9 Shots…

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