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Watch! ‘Happiness Is A Four Letter Word On Netflix’ Gets A Sequel

Watch! ‘Happiness Is A Four Letter Word On Netflix’ Gets A Sequel. The cat is out of the bag and the 2016 local blockbuster film Happiness Is A Four Letter Word is getting a new sequel titled Happiness ever After. The film is will be premiering on Netflix and of course entertainment reporter Phil Mphela was there to get the juicy scoop.

The original film based on Nozizwe Cynthia Jele’s novel followed three women in their journey in trying to fill in the void whilst keeping up a front of being fulfilled and happy with the current state of their lives. The film did very well on its cinema release and grossed more than R13.3 million in the box office, outperforming several international releases at the time.

In a recent sit down interview with cast members Khanyi Mabu and Renate Stuurman, the ladies revealed that the sequel Happiness Ever After on Netflix will be a continuation from the first part and is set five years later from the original film, but fear not as the film still promises to tackling an array of topics including sisterhood, friendship and love.

“The sequel lives independently from the book but obviously with some of the old characters returning to bring more drama and more sizzle in the sequel,” said Khanyi Mbau.

“We wanted to take audiences somewhere new. The story picks up five years later from where we left our characters and it is on all of us (the cast, the producers, the crew) to take our audiences somewhere new,” added Renate Stuurman.

The film is written by Ayanda Halimana and is directed by Thabang Moleya and also produced by Bongiwe Selane. The film will be shot in Johannesburg and will be premiering on the popular streaming service later this year and fans are already excited for what’s to come.

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