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Uzalo Ratings Reportedly Decline Due To Boring Storyline

Uzalo Ratings Reportedly Decline Due To Boring Storyline

Uzalo is one of the highest rated local shows on television however, that may not be the case anymore as the rating have reportedly declined because the audience is not a fan of how the storylines of the show have been playing out lately.

Sunday World has reported that the SABC1 telenovela is in trouble with the broadcaster as their viewership has declined by more than 2.6 million and this is allegedly because of their “boring” storyline. The production has since been ordered to go back to the drawing board and find their way back to Mzansi’s hearts.

According to the publication, then Broadcast Research Council of South Africa reported that last month Uzalo’s viewership dropped by a dismal 8.8 million viewers. Stained Glass Productions which is the home of Uzalo has now received a ‘notice’ to try and deal with the situation ASAP.

“Yes, there are issues with Uzalo because of its dwindling numbers and the complaints we received from viewers who said the storyline was now boring. We urged the producers to come up with creative storylines to rescue the soapie because it was important to the SABC. Another thing we emphasized was that actors need to be paid decent salaries for their work”  the executive told the publication.

Sunday World has also revealed that the cast of the show have been paid low salaries which may also be a factor to why the show is suffering however, that is apparently being taken care of as well.

“In fact, all we did was to ask that they be remunerated well for their acting because we learnt that some actors were paid next to nothing while their characters had grown to be loved by the viewers“ the executive said.

We hope this doesn’t all end in tears for the telenovela.


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