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Tshepi Vundla Issues Apology Over Old Tweets And Controversial Views In Recent Viral Video

Tshepi Vundla Issues Apology Over Old Tweets And Controversial Views In Recent Viral Video. Many celebs have been dragged on social media for their unpopular opinion and Tshepi Vundla has endured enough dragging this week to last her a life time. This follows her controversial views about women who date without any financial independence and bring nothing to the table.

The viral clip from the On The Table podcast saw Tshepi and three other ladies on the panel indulge in a conversation about dating. Everything was going well until they critisized women who are broke in relationships but SBWL things that they can’t afford. Vundla posed a question of why don’t these women buy these things themselves or ask their parents.

This is the comment that ignited a lot of outrage amongst social media users claiming that Tshepi is just a spoilt brat who speaks from a place of privilege. Troll went the extra mile and critisized her relationship with baby daddy JR, claiming that she is desperate for a wedding ring and would say anything to impress her man.

That is not where things ended as the twitter investigators dug up some dirt on the mother of one and the old tweets that have resurfaced a shocking to say the least. Tshepi’s tweets from almost ten years ago have been circulating on twitter where she fat shame plus sized people and expressed her disdain for them. Vundla also critisized how “fat” people dressed and claims that they have an unpleasant body odour.

This is when trolls went in guns blazing for her, making Vundla deactivate her twitter account and do some soul searching. Tshepi has now returned to the platform and she is determined to make things right. The mother of one has now issued a lengthy apology statement to her followers apologizing for her old tweets. Tshepi admits that the tweets were very mean but she has since grown as a woman and a mother.

Tshepi claims that she has since been on a journey of kindness that she is trying to instil into her son. Regarding to the panel discussion, Vundla also apologized for her offensive comments, claiming that it was not out of malice but rather a wrong choice of words. Although she has promised to do better from this day forward, the people of twitter are not convinced. According to tweeps, Tshepi still has not changed because her attitude is still very much the same as all those years ago.

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