Top 10 Most Hilarious #ResponseInTheTaxi Tweets!

The funniest experiences that one can have is when you’re traveling with public transport.

It’s either you get to meet really interesting people and have interesting conversations or the driver that you’re traveling with is a comedian in the making.

taxi driver

South African Twitter has always been hilarious and has always found a way to turn serious situations into funny hashtags.

This week has been the week of hashtags going from the #HelloChallenge to #ResponseInTheTaxi Tweeps really pulled all their cards out. We took the time out to select some of our favourite Tweets because well, there’s nothing funnier than the response one gets from a taxi driver at the end of a really long day.

10. Sorry Doctor…

9. You Wanna Buy It?…


8. You Scared?…

7. Wait, what?…



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Part 2: Top 10 Most Hilarious #ResponseInTheTaxi Tweets!

P.S we forgot to warn you about the really deep Zulu in most of the Tweets, but we trust you...