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Thando Thabethe Shows Off Her Sexy While On Holiday With Her Man In Bangkok!

There’s nothing cuter than a couple that does them and doesn’t pay attention to any body else and their opinions.Thando Thabethe and her man have been that couple. The couple that really cares about eachother and nothing more, nothing less. The two have been together for almost 2 years it seems and we’ve never seen Thando looking any happier.

thando t bangkok zen

About a week ago Thando posted a picture on Instagram to wish her man a Happy 30th Birthday and now the two are off on holiday together how romantic. Well we don’t know how romantic Bangkok is but Thando seems to be making the most of it taking selfies wherever she goes or maybe it’s just too show off that hot body of hers.

Check out pics of sexy Thando below and her birthday dedication to her man!

Girl Those Lips…

thando t bangkok

We love selfies

Nude Beach?…

thando t bangkok 2

Yes the Woman behind me is infact topless…#holidaywithTheBooTang #holidayMode

The City…

thando t bangkok city


Love Lives Here!…

Thando t bangkok with her man

My Ying to my Yang, my sponono, my love bug, my Bubu and my best friend. Thank you for being so loving, so patient and so kind. I wake up everyday thanking the Lord for putting you in my life. You have added direction, dimension and love in my life. When I met you 2 years ago I had no idea just how much you’d end up meaning to me…thank you for choosing me …love you from here to the heavens happy 30th birthday my love

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