How To Tell If Your Best Friend Wants Your Man

1. See if your best friend hangs out with your boyfriend more than you.
2. See if she talks to him too much.
3. Check if she says anything like ” your boyfriend is really cute
4. If she tries to make eye contact, and then hold it, she probably likes him.
5. See if she call him now & try to get close to him

your best friend
• Ask your best friend what she thinks about your boyfriend.
• If your best friend acts weird or giggles alot around him, this could also be a sign she likes him.
• Hating on him all the time could just be a way that your best friend tries to hide her feelings. (Warning: this could also mean that your friend just hates your boyfriend.)
• If she’s dressing with her favorite clothes, wears makeup, and perfume only when she’s around him, it is a sign.
• If she tries to cut you off from him so she can talk to him then that’s a big sign she likes him.
• Don’t ask your friend straight out if she likes your boyfriend.
• Don’t look in your friend’s phone to see if she tries to talk to him

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