South African Men Are Said To Be The Worst In Bed!

Gents, you might want to take a seat for this one cause you’re really not going to like it.
According to an extensive study done by Pharma Dynamics, a South African pharmaceutical company, South African men are the worst in bed over any other African country.
This comes after they revealed that sex and alcohol are not the greatest combination and well, our country has the highest alcohol intake in the world.
Researchers found that too much alcohol in the system can affect both the brain and the penis, and often leads to the man having a few difficulties during sexual intercourse because of erectile dysfunction.
Even though there are thousands of reason for bad sex performance, it’s been proven that three or more drinks of alcohol a week can have a bad effect on performance and sexual satisfaction.
On that note, almost a third of South African men drink more than five glasses of alcohol in a week.
The survey further reveals that South African men have sex 52 times in a year on average, which about half of the global average!
So gents, if she’s been complaining about your sex drive, you know what habit to get rid of right?
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