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Somizi Explains Why He Loves Everything People Find Weird About Mohale

Somizi Explains Why He Loves Everything People Find Weird About Mohale! Somizi is done sending indirect responses to his relationship haters and critics. This time he is dishing it up straight to their faces.

After posting a funny video about getting married despite all the criticism, one critic commented under the video saying Mohale wasn’t excited for someone who has an upcoming wedding. In response, Somizi wrote a lengthy comment explaining why he loves Mohale and basically telling everyone to mind their own business.

“I’ve been quiet for way too long about how I feel about ppl who are not even our friends and family already assuming and dictating how my fiancé shud love me and shud react to certain things. All of u saying such. U don’t sleep next to me. U don’t wake up next to me. U don’t know how moody and cranky I become. U have never smelled my morning breath. Have u ever wondered why I was attracted to him in the first place. Have u ever thought how I wud never date my duplicate. How we are completely different ppl and personalities. How his calm demeanor turns me on. Have u ever considered the fact that I’m older and wise enough to know when I’m not truly loved? Have u ever? But anyway qubekani. And most of u who are busy saying about him wud not hesitate taking his place shud the opportunity arise. Coz u never think that someone like him can love someone like me genuinely. U always place material gains in everything. And even if that was the reason so what. Am I complaining? Ur busy saying he’s using me for money. Hayi suka niyakhathaza,” Somizi wrote.

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