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SA Celebs Who Have Spoken Up On #BlackLivesMatter

SA Celebs Who Have Spoken Up On #BlackLivesMatter Celebrities all around the world have been rallying up on social media putting racism, police brutality and the black lives matter movement on blast for the government to act accordingly to the matter.

Many lives have been lost all over the world including Mzansi at the hands of our ‘public protectors’ during the lockdown as the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) have now killed over sixteen innocent people since the lockdown officially began.

Our Mzansi celebrities have since spoken out against the brutally and helped in making the issue become a nationwide movement. Alexandra resident Collin Khosa is the most recent person who was beaten to death by the SANDF and Mzansi has had enough.

Here are the celebrities who have commented on the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.

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WHY DO WE CONSTANTLY NEED TO PROVE OUR RIGHT TO LIFE, EVEN TO OURSELVES? This week we were again bombarded by the painful truth that we are still worth nothing. The proclamation of nothingness grows louder with zero shame, not by the years, historical events or incidences but by the seconds of each day. It’s right there, shamelessly shoved in our faces, clear as day for all of us to see and yet, we’re so desensitized, we scroll passed our pain. Is this content not popular enough for you? Collins Khosa of Alexandra, South Africa was tortured and murdered – for NOTHING. A man we know very little of except that his name is now synonymous with the regular injustices so easily given to us. Generations of trauma, pain and abuse on every level has the black man hating himself so much, his right to life is revoked, by his own, as if it were never significant. His life, Sbusiso Amos, Adane Emmanuel, Petrus Miggels, George Floyd and every black man, woman and child in history from whatever part of the world who’s significance was killed, for NOTHING. It’s extremely painful when it is our own killing ourselves, Punishable by mere dismissal, suspension or being fired. When will it end? What will it take? Where is our fight? Does this generation, ours, have what is takes to open the blind eye and do what is right by us? What the hell should we do? I’ve signed a petition for the Justice of Collins Khosa, followed by an email sent to complaints@ipid.gov.za – please feel free to copy the email as I did the same as seen on @nirvananokwe’s twitter timeline. If we don’t do anything, who will? 💔 #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForCollinsKhosa #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #JusticeForBlackLives

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By Sinakho Mandla

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