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Redi Tlhabi Joins Mzansi in Slamming US journo About “One Million Body Bags Delivered To SA’ Tweet”

Redi Tlhabi defends Mzansi and informs US journo about his ‘one million body bags delivered to SA’ tweet – Redi Tlhabi did not hesitate to join thousands of South Africans who dragged US journalist Adam Housley following he tweeted inaccurate information concerning the Covid-19 situation in SA.

His tweet ignited extensive indignation and Redi was not bout to take that lying down.  In a now-deleted three-part Twitter thread, Adam alleged: “one million body bags had been delivered to South Africa”.  

“Tonight I have learned that one million body bags have been delivered to South Africa. It’s estimated that nearly 8.5 million people have Aids or TB in the country, and they are very worried about what’s coming with coronavirus,” he claimed in his tweet.

Adam’s thread also claimed his sources have told him that SA would likely need one or two million more body bags.

“I have great contacts there who say they are likely going to be asking for one to two million more body bags. ‘Adam we just don’t have the infrastructure like America to help people here. The socialised health system serves most people, but it’s corrupt, underfunded and understaffed’,” he tweeted.

South Africans came as a collective to rectify his unresearched information and made it clear they are not inspired and happy and Redi was one of the people leading the charge.

“Just shut up. What you wrote below has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fake news you posted. We don’t care who you love. Just stop this toxic misinformation campaign and ignorance. We did not misunderstand you. We are highly educated and well-travelled citizens. And we live here! “

Yes. It is fake news that “1 million body bags have been delivered in South Africa.” It is fake news that “8.5 million people have AIDS or TB in the country.” (distinction between HIV & AIDS). Yes we are worried about Corona virus, as any nation should be, as US should HAVE been

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