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Rapper Reason Dishes Out Dating Advice To K Naomi

Rapper Reason Dishes Out Dating Advice To K Naomi! Black twitter is not always bnegative, sometimes you learn a few things that might turn out to be helpful thanks to twitter experts.

Media personality K Naomi recently shared something personal about her dating life on twitter. The beauty believes she attracts the wrong kind of men. “I attract the wrong type of guys….no offense to anyone,” Naomi tweeted.

Rapper Reason jumped in to respond explaining to Naomi exactly what he thinks the problem is. “I disagree Naomi. I think u attract variety of types. It might be the choice you make thats always wrong…(no offense to anyone),” the rapper tweeted.

Reason has a new show coming up on Slikour On Life. If these are the kind of topics we can expect, then we got a hit show on the way. Black twitter seemed to agree with his reasoning on Naomi’s dating choices.

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