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ProVerb Puts Drum Magazine On Blast For Publishing Lies About His Relationship!

Apparently Drum magazine is at it again.

It’s not the first time that a celebrity puts it out there that Drum fabricated a story about them to get their magazine flying off store shelves.

proverb and wifey

It’s no secret that ProVerb and his wife, Onelerona have had a really tough year with news emerging that she was cheating on the rapper for over 2 years in their 10 year marriage.

Now the two have tried very hard to keep their business out of the lime light and they’ve done very well at doing so.

Even though ProVerb publicly confirmed that his wife had cheated, no one really knows what decisions they made after that.

Weeks after news of the affair surfaced Pro shared an image of himself and wifey and it seemed that all is well in love land but Drum claims otherwise.

The publication featured an article in their latest issue claiming that ProVerb is more than ready to walk out on his marriage. The presenter of Idols was quick to take to social media to slam the publications front page story and adds that the story was fabricated and he in fact refused to talk to them when they called for comment.

The Cover…

proverb ne drum

It’s All Lies…

proverb drum

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