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Prince Kaybee Subtly Responds To Black Coffee’s Major Shade

Prince Kaybee Subtly Responds To Black Coffee’s Major Shade. A down low battle of the DJ’s has just begun as Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee began throwing jabs at one another about intellect.

This all began when Prince Kaybee responded to Euphonik about the issue of DJ’s working for free saying that artists always fall for the same trap by watching YouTube videos trying to sound wise and end up cheating themselves in the name of righteousness.

Lockdown has given a lot of artists exposure and a massive fan base with all the online gigs However, Prince Kaybee has cautioned fellow DJs against doing live sets for free.

“The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, “the urge to sound wise” he said.

Black Coffee has now joined the group chat and is firing subtle shots at Prince Kaybee for his views with a response to his tweet.

“Here’s a question without the “urge of sounding intelligent”….are you a celebrity?” Black Coffee said.

Knowing that Prince Kaybee isn’t about anybody making him look like a clown on twitter, he responded saying that if people choose to perceive him as a celebratory figure then that is a blessing for him but he knows who and what he is.

I see myself more as a servant of the people, if people wish to call me a celebrity or celebrate me it’s a blessing. I’m an artist and creator first, I don’t care much about the definitions of the industry because I know who and what I am” said Prince Kaybee.

Is this the latest in celebrity beef news?

By Sinakho mandla

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