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Pics! Zoleka Mandela Shares Adorable Photos Of Her New Miracle 5th Baby

Pics! Zoleka Mandela Shares Adorable Photos Of Her New Miracle 5th Baby! A few days ago Zoleka’s mom took to twitter to share the birth of her granddaughter and now Zoleka has shared first photos of her daughter.

The mom of five took to Instagram gushing over her new bundle of joy named Zenzile Mutoba Bashala who she calls her miracle baby.

“I’m way too excited to sleep off the wearing off of my EPIDURAL and exhaustion…I AM BLESSED MUCH MORE THAN I TRULY DESERVE!!! Thanking God, My Day One (my grandmother), my babies in Heaven – Zenani and Zenawe for my MIRACLE,” she shared on Instagram.

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This is one of the million selfies I took with my daughter, right before we were discharged after 2 nights in hospital … The first night back home was very long, Zenzile’s Paediatrician said to feed her on demand so she’s become my alarm. ? She never cries and turns red when she’s upset, it’s totally hilarious!!! My mother says I never cried as a baby either, I would just have one tear rolling down my cheek. ? We named her after her grandmother (my mother in love/law) MUTOBA who also never cried as a baby. The name MUTOBA is Tshiluba and means light, a royal person, someone born to be with kings. ? I’ve read all your comments, beloveds and thank you so much … you never fail at making me feel completely loved, purposeful and heard! ?? Sending you the tiniest ANGELS to kiss every inch of your hearts and all at the same time!!! ❤️ #ZenzileBashala #BabyBashala #BashalaFamilyLove #LittleMissBashala #MrsAndMsBashala #MrsBashala #38YrOldMotherOf5

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She shared how she is waiting for her grandmother Mam Winnie to tell her what to do with her baby’s umbilical cord as she was the one who always buried all her grandchildren’s umbilical cords.

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It’s been 4 days since I gave birth to my daughter, Zenzile whose now starting to look less like me and more like her father! ? The BASHALA gene remains uncontested!!! ? Her dad looks like this when he’s sleeping and I know this because I still LOVE watching him sleep (he’s asked me to please stop taking pictures of him sleeping and posting them on social media ?). Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday and it hasn’t been 10 days as yet – normally, My Day One (my grandmother) would bury it as she has with those of all my children (ALL her grandchildren and great grandchildren). I’m waiting for her to tell me what to do now that it’s fallen off and when Baby Bashala cuts her first tooth? She usually slaughters a chicken and the first piece which is usually the drumstick is fed to the baby with the hand and by her. In the meantime, please tell Zenzile to stop rushing everything, she also lifts her head in protest!!! ? Mr. Bashala, let’s have more of these babies? ? #ZenzileBashala #BabyBashala #LittleMissBashala

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