PICS: Malawain Pastor Brags About Being The Richest Pastor In The World!

pastor 2We’re not here to offend anyone but, what is happening in the current religious affairs of this world? Does anybody have an answer for us?

Just last week we read about a pastor in Pretoria who had ordered his whole congregation to strip naked in order to receive prayer. Now we have a pastor that is flashing his riches in the faces of everyone and basically making a name for himself on social media because he claims to be the richest pastor on earth?

Pastor Hastings Salanje who is the leader of the Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg brags about his riches on his Facebook page on a daily basis. If anyone questions his wealth the Malawian pastor simply calls that person a “hater”.

In one of his posts the pastor offers to pay you money if you are able to show him a pastor that is richer than him . “Find me a pastor who is living in a house same like mine on the picture and I will give you r2500 (100,000)”, he writes. We think he should consider working on his vocabulary first.

The crazy thing about this pastor’s page is he doesn’t share anything relating to ‘preaching the word of God’ like normal pastor’s would do. All pastor Salanje posts on his page are pictures of his cars and house and brags about how his haters can’t afford what he has.

No Pastor Is Richer Than I Am…

pastor 4

“I want you to find me 3 cars similar to my one car, that Mercedes Benz S500 or 600 Blue efficiency 2012 to 2015 face lift, and I will reward you with R5000 (K200,000). If you get one I will give you R2500, the car must be in Malawi and with a Malawian number plate, whether belongs to the government I don’t mind”, reads his latest post.

This Is Nothing…

pastor 3

“If you do that then I will know that your claim is right and I will stop testifying. But if you don’t then you are in trouble because I have just testified 20% of what God has done in the past 12months, you better unfriend me.”

The pastor then finishes this post off by listing all the cars he claims to own.

“Those S classes currently I have 4 of them, and this E class I have 2 of them, 2x range rovers, 2 x Land Rover Discovery 4, just to mention a few.”

What do you think about the pastors ways of displaying his ‘blessings’? Does he have haters or is he just being plan out rude to the people of his congregation?

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