Pics! Basetsana Khumalo’s Stylish Vacation

Pics! Basetsana Khumalo’s Stylish Vacation! The hardworking media guru has been through a lot in the last couple of weeks and she’s taking some time off in style.

Aunt’ B recently took to Instagram sharing hot stylish photos of herself vacationing and it’s all life goals. Check the photo below.

THINGS YOU DON’T NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR: • Loving someone • Saying no • Following your dreams • Taking “me” time • Your priorities • Being a non conformist • Ending a toxic relationship • Your imperfections • Mastering your craft • Dancing to the rhythm of your own beat • Standing your ground • Responding and not reacting • Telling the truth • Having a moral compass • Being guided by your faith In the last 72 hours I have been reminded about the sanctity of life, how ephemeral it is, how tomorrow is not guaranteed and the importance of making each day count. My personal reflection today is; because I once lived, I once was here, in my unique way, I touched lives in a meaningful way and hopefully made a difference in the process. I loved, I laughed and I lived and this is what I want my children to remember of me both my biological and #ChildrenOfMyHeart. The passing of Ms Aretha Franklin and today Mr Kofi Annan is a stark reminder of the footprints we can choose to leave and when the hour comes, it should be well with our soul. Song credit: Aretha Franklin – Someone Else’s Eyes #RIPArethaFranklin #RIPKofiAnnan

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