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Pearl Thusi Says ‘Blessers’ Have Low Self Esteem

Pearl Thusi says ‘blessers’ have low self esteem. The TV personality shared her views on the whole blesser-blessee trend and she’s definitely not feeling it. Pearl says she pities women who feel like they don’t have a choice and at the same time doesn’t understand why some ladies take advantage of ‘blessers’.


“This person, who clearly has a very low self-esteem, because he needs to have a decent bank balance to feel like he is worthy…clearly possessions make the man, which sucks. I feel like, poor them. You have nothing else to get a b*tch,” she said.

Pearl says the man who blesses is the one who has nothing else going, he has to use money, and girls take advantage of that. Some of them shouldn’t want to take advantage of that.

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