Pastor Says Making His Congregation Drink Petrol Is The Same As Giving Them Holy Communion.

We’ve read about quite a number of Pastor’s in our country making their congregations do the most outrageous things in the name of religion and belief.

A Pretoria based Pastor has justified making his congregation drink petrol by saying that the act is in the same rite as them receiving Holy Communion.

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Most of these crazy acts have been reported to the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (the CRL Rights Commission), and over the past few weeks they have been investigating commercialisation of churches and the rather dodgy practices that the leaders enforce on their followers.

The commission was far from impressed earlier this week when they heard the explanation that pastor Lesego Daniel of  Rabboni Centre Ministries had given for making his congregation drink petrol and eat grass.

“When I do things, it is no longer me, but me and my master. I was led by the Holy Spirit,” Daniel was reported as saying by Sowetan.

Daniel is just one of the many pastors that have been summoned to appear before the commission to explain their actions and reasons for their practices.

Speaking to The Star newspaper CRL Rights Commission Chairperson Thoko Mkhwanazi, shares that the purpose for the committee is not to regulate religion but that they needed to look at certain religious leaders and their promises to their congregation.

“When churches start selling pap, T-shirts and water after services . . . or when people stop taking their HIV or blood pressure medicine because traditional healers say ‘drink my water, it will heal you’ – and charge people for it, it becomes problematic,” Mkhwanazi adds.

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