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Papa Penny Responds To Accusations He Fat Shammed His Wife

Papa Penny Responds To Accusations He Fat Shammed His Wife! Papa Penny Penny’s reality show is one of the most watched local shows on television and that also means black twitter doesn’t miss anything that happens on the show.

In a recent episode, Papa Penny Penny seems to have fat shammed his wife saying she was now weighing ‘300kgs’ and how it had become difficult to open doors for her because of how big she has become.

In response, Papa Penny says there’s an understanding between both he and Mama Noni and his sentiments were lost in translation as English is not his mother tongue.

“The problem is that people like English and they don’t understand it. I enjoy my wife, my wife enjoys me, and we enjoy each other, I’m doing comedy with my wife and it’s not scripted because it’s a reality show and she is enjoying it. Everyone must joke with their wives, I’m not a buffalo to my wife. I love her and she loves me,” he said defending himself.

Wonder what else he’s going to blame on his ‘poor English’.


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