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OPW’s Nomsa Buthelezi On Being Accused Of Coming Out For Fame

OPW’s Nomsa Buthelezi On Being Accused Of Coming Out For Fame! A few months ago the actress and TV presenter came out of the closet and showed off her girlfriend on social media.

“Today I celebrate us….I celebrate our love and let mama universe keep us together…Happy birthday Zandile, I love you….my king is a woman,” she wrote at the time. Now the star is claiming people have been accusing her for coming out to get attention and publicity.

“Living in your truth is not for the faint hearted. You battle with yourself first and just when you gain confidence, you battle with everyone else who is against who you are. When I came out, and even today, people said it’s because I wanted attention as a celebrity. I was cursed, insulted and every second word felt like I was being spat on,” Nomsa told TshisaLIVE.

Nomsa however admitted that it was not all hate and she had received some positive comments across social media too.

“I knew that a lot of people looked up to me and as much as that made my decision hard, I knew that it would help some woman who is trapped in a lie. I could have just looked for a husband, so I could have a perfect family, but I opted to be me. I have so many DMs since then with women saying I have given them strength to not live a lie. A woman told me, ‘I am married to a man I don’t love and I can’t stand it anymore'”

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