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OkMalumKoolKat Says Cassper Nyovest Stole Dance Moves From Him AGAIN!


One would think that after the whole Slyza Tsotsi music video and all, OkMalumKoolKat and Cassper Nyovest would be the best of friends but hey, it turns out the KoolKat doesn’t like some of Cassper’s dance moves.

OkMalumKoolKat took to Instagram the other day to share that Cassper Nyovest has ‘stolen’ the “428” dance move from him and has basically claimed it as his. About a week ago Cassper posted a video of himself doing the “428 in LA” as he calls it.

OkMalum says this is not the first time that Cassper steals a few moves from him, remember the taxi driver move? Apparently Cassper stole that from OkMalumKoolKat too, well we must say OkMalum does it best for us.

Check out OkMalum’s post below about how he wasn’t too chilled about Cassper introducing the dance as his.

Again…Just Like The Taxi Driver!…

@casspernyovest says this is the new dance and he named it something, the incrowd know who has been finnessing this dance. He did the same thing with the taxi driver and I let it pass…. Of course its not exactly the same but yeah, will leave this right here, me and @lifewasneverthesame have been finessing and refining this move for a minute and now this.

Apologies Fam!…

Yo! Apologies to @casspernyovest x the whole Family Tree famalam and fans. The last post wasn’t an attack or a deliberate act to incite beef or bad blood in any way between us but it is exactly how I felt. Now, we have spoken about it and hope people would stop voicing their opinions about things they know nothing about. This is art, there’s misunderstandings and I apologise again to our fans for acting so irrational.

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