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Ntsiki Mazwai: “I’m the future president of this country”

Ntsiki Mazwai has said a number of crazy things in the past but, we must say this one takes the cup.

She’s mostly known for starting Twars and stating ‘points’ that no one cares to stress about. Just this morning she made accusations that singer Lira is not really talented and has only made it in the industry because she’s married to a white man that has connections in music, OUCH!

ntsiki ma

The last time Ntsiki had any political views was she made the claims that women in ANC don’t get appointed on merit but rather on their willingness to open their legs.

Well this time around Ntsiki’s political views and plans include, her becoming president of South Africa.

LOL! Well, here’s the story Ntsiki believes that all the hate she’s received can only be turned into love and all her haters have well prepared her for any hate speech she may receive in future when she becomes president and she’ll know how to deal with it accordingly.

And you all thought Kanye was crazy…

I’m The Next President…

ntsiki president 1

No Hate = Weakness…

ntsiki president 2

Build Your Character…

ntsiki president 3


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