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Nomuzi Mabena: “I like to think of myself as, like, Brenda Fassie meets Rihanna.”

Nomuzi Mabena Skhanda Queen

Just the other day Nomuzi Mabena was on Katch It With Khanyi Mbau with her fellow rap queen Nadia Nakai.

More often than not Nadia Nakai is compared to Nicki Minaj or seen as the wannabe Nicki Minaj and Nomuzi Mabena just the pretty face of CashTime.

In her interview with Khanyi, Nomuzi revealed that she didn’t make it into CashTime cause she was cool and pretty but because she worked hard for her spot on the team for a full two years.

In a more recent interview Nomuzi revealed to The Juice that she sees herself as a mix between Rihanna and Brenda Fassie. So now we have a SA Nicki Minaj and our very own Kasi Rihanna, haha.

“I don’t know. I like to think of myself as, like, Brenda Fassie meets Rihanna. So if Rihanna was a rapper and like Brenda Fassie, then that would be me.”

What do you think? Is Nomuzi really the ghetto version of Rihanna? Looking at her dress sense, she’s not too far off.

Check Out Nomuzi’s Interview Below:

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