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Nnadi Mngoma Gets Recognised For Being A Trendsetter…Again!


Some celebrities, that we won’t name, like Dineo Ranaka believe that girls that don’t wear weaves are ‘dirty’ well, we beg to differ judging by how much of a flame Nandi Mngoma is!

The singer and model, now actress has been flourishing in the industry and it’s not only because of how talented she is but, because of her unique look too.

Not so long ago Nandi received recognition for being a style icon and trendsetter in the fashion industry, she even bagged herself a spot on the Woolworths #areyouwithus campaign team.

This morning Miss Mngoma took to Instagram to announce that she will be recognised as a trendsetter once again but this time around it’s for her lovely hairstyle, and we totally agree!

Nandi has influenced quite a number of girls and ladies to go the natural route and judging by how popular the hairstyle is now, she honestly deserves that award. Congratulations Ma…

Natural Is Beautiful Too…

WOW! I’m being honoured once again as a trendsetter for this hairstyle. I’ve been rocking natural hair for the longest time, but my goal has always been to have ladies love the hair they were born with and feel beautiful. And I think I’ve fulfilled that, I really wanted natural hair to be accepted in a commercial light and to show how versatile it can be. And now that I see people on the streets, offices, media personalities rocking their natural styles proudly. My heart is so happy!❤️ I am blessed to be getting honoured as a trendsetter for this hairstyle and natural hair, but more so I am so happy the movement is getting recognition as there were so many before. I am just privileged to have had a voice that resonated with many.❤️ #LoveYourCrown #2015

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