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Mshoza Set To Undergo ‘Michael Jackson’ Surgery.

If you thought skin bleaching was the most extreme way to get your skin lighter, you thought wrong. Mshoza is taking bleaching a step further.

According to Sowetan, the Kwaito Queen is currently preparing herself for an extreme surgery set to fully transform her skin tone.

mshoza ghel

Speaking to the publication the songstress shares that the heatwave isn’t working in her favour which forces her to stay indoors in preparation of the surgery.

Preparations towards the surgery include, which includes lots of water and a course of pills and injections.

“There are a number of doctors working on me. I will be the first person in South Africa to have it done. It’s basically what Michael Jackson did. Then it will be formally introduced to everyone when it’s complete.”

Her doctors have warned her to stay indoors as her skin is too sensitive for the sun but, problem is she’s set to perform at the ANC birthday celebrations this weekend.

“Obviously I can’t walk in the sun, it can cause a lot of damage, and the heatwave makes it more sensitive,” she says.

*Claps Once* The things we do for artificial beauty…

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