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Mshoza On Bleaching Her Skin: “I’m a black woman and a proud black South African.”

mshoza ghel

4 years down the line and Mshoza’s skin bleaching is still a topic ladies and gentlemen.

The musician (if she still has a musical career) started bleaching her skin in 2011, before being a yellowbone became standard procedure. LOL!

Mshoza recently had an interview with ZAlebs and she revealed to them that she didn’t start bleaching her skin because she desired to be lighter than what she was but, because she developed a skin condition after she gave birth to her second child and the only way to control it was to start bleaching her skin.

She then went on to add that bleaching her skin does not in any way mean that she hates being black.

“I’m a black woman and a proud black South African. People will not understand why I had to go through that procedure because it’s a medical situation that I’m still going through. It’s a medical condition that I have,” she said.

She also revealed that her medical team is currently looking into ways of getting rid of her condition permanently so she can stop the skin bleaching treatment.

“I can’t apologise for my condition and decision. I’m not saying people should go bleach, it’s their choice. With me, I didn’t have a choice. It just so happened that after having my second child I developed a condition and this was my only way out. While others might look at this as a personal procedure, to me it’s much more personal than that.”

There you have folks, Mshoza doesn’t want to be a yellowbone, she has a skin condition.

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