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Is MrCashTime K.O ENGAGED?

Ok so we all know K.O as the quiet and humble rapper of the game. Even with his achievements we’ve never seen him or heard him boasting about it everywhere and being in our faces, same goes for his personal life. We’ve never seen or heard of a baby mamma or girlfriend drama or whatsoever until now!

A few days ago K.O posted a lovely picture of himself and girlfriend stylist and blogger Sara Langa Heaton:

k.o and sara

k.o and sara 2


Ohk we know the picture says nothing about them being engaged but wait for it…

So fans were commenting on the picture and most girls being heart broken of course but K.O just had to go add to the heartbreak with his comment on the picture:

cash time


Maybe you missed it, let’s zoom in a little more:

cash time 2

Was that a proposal on Instagram we just saw? or was it a subtle announcement? or maybe K.O intends on making the beautiful Sara wifie soon. Either way we wish the two well in their relationship and hope that there’s clarity soooon!!!

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