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Moneoa Fires Back At Masechaba Over Unverified Tabloid News

Moneoa Fires Back At Masechaba Over Unverified Tabloid News! The sinher came out guns blazing at radio personality Masechaba Ndlovu for attacking her character live on radio.

Masechaba had made a comment on Sunday Sun’s article on Moneoa’s alleged arrest for driving under the influence. Ndlovu explained that she made the comment as part of the entertainment headlines segment of her Metro FM radio show with Mo Flava.

But Moneoa was not having it. The singer wrote a since deleted long post about backstabbing and false rumors which seem to have been directed at Masechaba.

“Here’s what’s hurt me… some people that I consider my role models, people who I’ve opened up my life and home to and vice versa? People I’ve embraced as family, people I’ve travelled with, shared birthdays and special occasions with… People who I have genuine love and respect for, would rather disparage my name, judging and condemning me on radio, as opposed to picking the phone and calling me,” she wrote.

Read her full post below.

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