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Mohale Breaks His Silence Amidst Divorce Rumours

Mohale Breaks His Silence Amidst Divorce Rumours. Actor and model Mohale and Somizi have been at the top of the twitter trends as rumours of their alleged divorce proceedings have come to light.

It seems as though Mohale is reserving his comments about the situation and is living life as though nothing has happened.

A tweep questioned Mohale about his occupation which has been a topic of discussion a few times, to which the actor responded by insinuating that he is a kept man.

According to reports, Mohale and Somizi are headed for Splitsville due to Mohale’s alleged infidelity and his love for social media which Somizi has continuously complained about on twitter.

We don’t know how true these allegations are because the couple is playing it very cool, but we sure hope that it isn’t the case.

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