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Miss SA Opens Up About Her Traumatic Battle With TB

Miss SA Opens Up About Her Traumatic Battle With TB! Tamaryn Green has broken her silence as she hopes she can help other people deal with their own struggle with the illness and the stigma around it.

Tamaryn shared that she was diagnosed with TB in June 2015 while she was still a student, and started treatment immediately. In her second month of treatment Tamaryn became so ill she had move back home from varsity to recover.

“I could no longer handle the discomfort of sitting through lectures. I then spoke to my lecturer who immediately got me help from a specialist doctor at Groote Schuur. The university was very supportive throughout the process and offered counseling. My treatment continued until I developed a hepatitis secondary to the medication. This was when it got really bad. I felt ill every day for a month and I deferred my exams and moved back home,” she revealed.

The 24 year old admitted that she had made a decision to not tell her extended family and friends for fear of being treated differently and being isolated.

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