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Minnie Dlamini Opens Up About Her Break Up With Itu, Again…

Is it just us or, is any one else over the whole Minnie and Khune break up story? I mean last we heard Minnie already has a new guys in her life. (Read that story HERE.)

Minnie and Itumeleng

Well the TV personality and model has once again opened up about her relationship with Itumeleng Khune and this time she reveals that she was actually scared to break up with the goalkeeper, because she wasn’t ready to deal with people’s reactions and remarks.

Minnie was recently interviewed on Jacaranda FM and she says that her relationship with Itu just completely fell apart towards the end, but says that they had to stick it through to avoid facing the embarrassment that would come with the break up.

“We just couldn’t make it work, instead of being in a relationship and if it’s not working just being like, ‘Eish. It’s not working’ Because there’s just a lot of pressure and everyone feels like they have an opinion, and the moment there’s a lot of attention and spotlight on the relationship, people feel like they have an input in the relationship.”

Minnie also adds that now she prefers being with a man that’s not in the same industry or well known to avoid the pressure that comes from fans for them to stay together.

“I think it’s the way to go and I’d even prefer it if it was someone who’s not in my industry. Sometimes you just want normalcy. You want to come home and take off your weave and not have to look cute all the time, and have someone love me for me.”

We love you for you Miss Dlamini and we really hope you find what you deserve!

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