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Max Lichaba Drags Lwandle Ndaba To Court Following His Refusal To Remove Diss Track From Social Media Platforms

Max Lichaba Drags Lwandle Ndaba To Court Following His Refusal To Remove Diss Track From Social Media Platforms. Sophie Ndaba and Max Lichaba’s tremulous marriage was recently revealed through a diss track released by the actress 21 year old son Lwandle. The rapper who goes by the stage name Ocean L released a rap song titled My Step Father Is A Devil where he made serious abuse and cheating allegations against Lichaba.

After the song trended on social media, Lichaba responded to the allegations, claiming that he has never laid a hand on his now estranged wife Sophie Ndaba and accuses Lwandle of maliciously damaging his reputation. Media reports previously revealed that Lichaba served Lwandle a letter demanding an apology and for the song to be removed from all social media and streaming platforms.

Max previously revealed that he had chosen to seek legal representation and has sent a letter of demand stating that he has never assaulted Sophie, and that there is no proof or evidence of the incidents Lwandle refers to in his diss track. The City Press has now reported that Lichaba filed an application at the High Court last week in which he is R500 000 as the song was a deliberate attack on his reputation.

This after Lwandle refused to remove the song from his social media platforms, despite being sent a letter of demand. Lichaba allegedly stated in the court papers he had suffered societal prejudice and damages amounting to R500 000.

“The audio track and/or lyrics are wrongful and defamatory in that same were intended and understood to mean that the plaintiff is evil and like a devil; is guilty of infidelity; is financially abusive and misused his estranged wife’s finances; is dishonest and a fraud; and is without moral fibre and business ethics,” the article stated.

Lichaba and Ndaba, who married in a  traditional ceremony in 2018, separated last year and are heading for divorce. Lwandle raps about how his step father cheated on his mother with his best friend who is young enough to be his daughter and also alleges that he miss-treated his mother throughout their marriage and plunged her into depression.

Max responded to the allegations and refuted all allegations made against him in the song. Lichaba claims that he has never laid a hand on any woman and because he is a girl dad, he knows better than to ever lay a hand on a woman. He did however confirm that his divorce is underway at the High Court.

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