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Lootlove Opens Up About How She Dealt With Not Fitting In

Lootlove Opens Up About How She Dealt With Not Fitting In! Lootlove has always stood out from the rest since she won a presenter search back in 2011. Never looked like other presenters and now she’s finally being recognized for staying true to who she is.

“Every single time I’ve been the odd one out. I’ve either been too tall or too thin, or too light, or too boyish or too this, or too that.

“And as hard as it was, it taught me how much more I love myself. It taught me how important it is to really rely on yourself and to honor yourself in every single way.  And also to honor your imperfections because people outside don’t really know you so they can’t dictate to you who you are,” she said.

The media personality was honored with the Most Innovative Style Award at the 2017 SA Style Awards which she describes as one of the best nights of her life.

“Awards are cool but it’s even better if they award you for everything you’ve always been. It’s hard because you always feel like maybe I should wear these dresses, maybe I should rock this hair, but if you stick to your guns and who you are, you will always come out tops, you will always win.”

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