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LOL! Cassper’s Hilarious Reaction To Boity’s Awkward Uber Ride

LOL! Cassper’s Hilarious Reaction To Boity’s Awkward Uber Ride! Boity and Cassper are the ultimate friendly exes goals and they continue to show us why.

Boity recently shared an awkward story about her Uber driver who kept on playing Cassper’s song ‘I Wasn’t Ready For You’ which is said to be about Boity.

“Too many celebrity b*tches were hanging on my scrotum And that sh*t went to my head….I should have kissed you instead…I started giving the side b*tches your side of the bed…That was sh*t so disrespectful and I didn’t have an excuse…I look myself in the mirror like dawg what happened to you? You told this woman you loved her and promised her joy…She just needed a man, you behaved like a boy…Manipulated her mind, baby I got you confused…It’s high time I admit, I wasn’t ready for you,” reads part of the lyrics.

Apparently the driver kept it on repeat trying to provoke a reaction from Boity who maintained her silence. Boity shared the hilariously awkward story on twitter. Cassper must have found it hilarious responding with, “I stan a legend!!!”

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