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Lamiez Holworthy Reacts To Critic Advising Her To Spend Money Wisely

Lamiez Holworthy Reacts To Critic Advising Her To Spend Money Wisely. Social media has become a weapon used against the very same people on the platform and anyone can potentially be the next target. We have witnessed many celebs get dragged by trolls on the social media platform for even the smallest things or in this case, trying to do something nice for someone.

Lamiez is also known as the the “Tattooed Lady” because she is obsessed with getting tatted and is covered all over her body in ink. Tattoo’s are so important to the Metro FM DJ that she would rather die than watch someone live with a botched tattoo. After a social media user posted a picture of the tattoo of a butterfly that she wanted next to the actual tattoo that she got, and let’s just say the end result was not it.

Th post caught Lamiez’z attention and she felt so bad for the tweep that she offered to pay for a cover up tattoo for at her personal tattoo artist.

“Askies baby. Can I please pay for your cover up ko my tattoo artist?” she wrote.

Twitter trolls were not happy about the gesture and felt the need to call out Lamiez for her apparent frivolous spending. After demanding the troll to mind their own business, the troll claimed that whatever is on the platform does in fact concern the public and Lamiez should stop wasting money on nonsense. According to the troll, the way that Holworthy is spending money she will soon find herself begging for people to assist her with her orphanage.

Lamiez responded to the critic claiming that she and her husband are absolutely fine and are more than able to take care of their adopted children all on their own.

“My husband and I are doing just fine in making sure that our adopted kids are taken care of thanks hence I’d never need to cry for help- especially not from you. Now mind your business,otswe mo nna toe. Thanks” she wrote.

A few months ago, Lamiez and her rapper husband Khuli Chana have been involved with a children’s home for several years and decided to create a permanent structure for the children. The DJ took to social media to share that she is in need of donations for the orphanage which include 20 bunk bed.

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