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It Looks Like Chomee And Arthur Are Finally Back Together!

Even though Arthur was seen getting ‘married’ to Kelly Khumalo yesterday it seems that his love and relationship with Chomee just might be back on track.

Arthur and Chomee

The two made it onto our biggest break ups of the year list but it seems soon they’ll be back on our favourite couples list.

They started out as business partners and well where love lives, nothing can stop it. Chomee has been sharing quite a number of Instagram images about loving her Bae and having to cook for her family.

Now we’ve noticed that she’s been spending quite some time with Arthur’s daughter lately, is she playing the role of ‘Auntie Chomee’ or has she taken up her step-mother duties once again?

Even though Chomee avoids mentioning Arthur in most of her posts, using the words Bae and family in a picture that’s right next to a picture of his daughter doesn’t help much…and what are the chances that you guys have the exact same garage door?

Bae & Family…


@arthurmafokate look what I found on my phone, Owami singing #nguyelo ?? A video posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

The Girls…

Fooling around….

A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

Work Things?…

  Work thangz with @owamimafokate   A photo posted by Chomee (@chomee1) on

  Chomee Did You Take This Pic?…

Green earphones ? A photo posted by Owami Mafokate (@owamimafokate) on

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