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Is DJ Sbu ( @djsbu ) Planning On Opening A Super Market Franchise?…He Makes Bread Too?…

They say when you lose some you gain some but damn DJ Sbu is gaining his new income in a whole new industry.

Its one thing to represent a brand it’s a whole new things when you start your own brands of merchandise.

Ok, now it started out all so innocently last year with the launch of his energy drink “Mo Faya”. It’s understandable that a DJ would launch an energy drink he’s out all night playing for the masses and keeping them dancing.

What wasn’t understandable was him launching new toilet paper called “Ntofontofo”, ok we guess maybe toilet paper has money after all it is a necessity.

The big question mark today is that Sbu tweeted a picture of his NtofoNtofo toilet paper in between two loafs of bread named “Nzo”. Iyup that’s right DJ Sbu now owns 3 new brands, a energy drink, toilet paper and bread!

His caption for the picture: “We don’t complain. We create. Don’t get mad. Get paper! #GameChangers #WealthCreators #Nzo #NtofoNtofo

So DJ Sbu please do tell us what the plan is buddy. Should we expect like bath soap and washing powder from you soon? Soon we’ll be calling you Mr. Leope instead of DJ Sbu. He’s taking being business minded to a whole new level!

Mo Faya…

mo faya


ntofo ntofo dj sbu


dj sbu bread



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