In Case You Missed It: WATCH SABC News Editor Get Mugged On Camera!

vuyo being mugged

Now when one says that the streets of Johannesburg are rough you would think that they’re referring to doggy places like Noord or something. When one tells you that the streets of Johannesburg are rough, please do take their word for it!

Below you will find a video of SABC contributing editor, Vuyo Mvoko, getting mugged outside Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg wait for it…while the news organisation’s cameras were running.

Yes, the news editor was robbed while he was on camera. This crazy incident took place while Vuyo was preparing for a live interview that would be airing on SABC3 for the prime time news.

Vuyo was meant to be covering the arrival of Zambian President Edgar Lungu at Milpark Hospital yesterday evening.

The big question is; are the two muggers unaware of what the cameras are there for? You can clearly see the both of them on camera and anyone that knows them can easily identify them.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said nobody was injured during the mugging.

“The crew was not harmed although they are still in shock. They were robbed of personal belongings including cell phones and a laptop. The matter has since been reported to the police who were called to the scene.”

Talk about being caught on camera huh?

See the video of the mugging below:

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