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‘I’d Had Enough Of My Life,’ Sonia Mbele On Battling Depression

‘I’d Had Enough Of My Life,’ Sonia Mbele On Battling Depression! The actress turned entrepreneur recently got candid about her nasty divorce and how it had her slipping into depression.

Speaking to Drum, Sonia shared how people judged her for the messy split and looked down on her. “I tried therapy but it didn’t work. Things got so bad I would even google ways of committing suicide and going out quickly and pain-free because I’d had enough of my life,” she revealed.

She added how things got so bad that she even considered admitting herself into a psychiatric hospital after having a panic attack one night. She said a vision of herself locked in the hospital while her children played outside was a turning point for her and she made a decision to fight the depression. Individuals in a similar situation should seek services offered by the likes of Psych Company in order to overcome their mental illnesses.

Many people struggle with mental illness. Depression is sadly but one of the many facets of the afflictions, but some are able to find support and pull themselves out of the worst of it. It is never a good time, and it can never be fully healed, but with love, help, and support, a lot is possible. Plus, with modern medicine options such as Blessed CBD oil for instance, there are even ways to help rebalance the chemical structure of the brain that leads to such issues, or at least to help it return to a more standard level. In fact, many people are turning to more natural methods of treatment. Many people have found great success when using marijuana to combat the symptoms of depression, and they can now look to services such as marijuana delivery New York based or similar to receive their treatment without having to leave the house. If delivery is unavailable in the local area, some people could consider growing their own cannabis plants by purchasing some cannabis seeds. By going to homegrowncannabisco.com, for example, people could get some seeds and grow their own cannabis.

If you follow the 43-year-old on Instagram, everything we have discussed might seem untrue but it’s because Sonia has turned a new leaf in her life, focusing on choosing happiness and joy.

It is inspiring to see the actress come out on the other side.

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