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ICYMI: Pearl Thusi Removed From ANN7 Nominees List.

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Ok, it’s one thing for fans to vote for you to win an award, it’s another when your friends and family are asked to be in a video to motivate why you should win the award.

Pearl Thusi was removed from the ANN7’s nominees list because she refused to let her family and friends take part in this video insert.

The TV/radio personality took to Twitter to announce that she won’t be in the running for the ‘Trendsetter Of The Year Award’ anymore because she thinks that family has nothing to do with being a trendsetter and using them to motivate why she should win is “degrading”.

We’re with Pearl on this one. If you really are a trendsetter the you should win on merit and not because your family gave the best motivational video!

High five Mamma Pantha…

Yes, I WAS A Nominee…

pearl ann7

Why Use My Family To Win?…

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