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ICYMI: Meet The Johannesburg Metro Cop That Broke The Internet!

When you’re stopped to be given a ticket, you really don’t expect to be parked on the side of the road, longer than you have to be, right?

metro cop

What was meant to be a ticket write-up in Johannesburg turned out to be an opportunity for a Metro cop to have her 10 minutes of fame and break the internet.

Initially the cop had pulled over a man for apparently speeding through a red robot but now, she’s South Africa’s new internet sensation.

The accused Clive Naidoo tried to get sassy with the officer by throwing out comments about how he’s a tax payer and pays her salary. Well she wasn’t having none of that and had a comment of her own to throw back at the civilian.

What was meant to be a 3 minute transaction turned into a full 10 minutes with the cop dragging the whole situation out by posing for the camera.

Don’t believe us, just watch…

What South Africa Has Come To…

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