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ICYMI: Jimmy Tau Proposes To George Lebese’s Ex-Girlfriend!

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Talk about a crazy love triangle!

George Lebese is currently fighting a court case where he has been charged for assault and damage to property by ex-girlfriend Sizakele Manonga.

According to Sunday Sun Jimmy Tau has proposed to Sizakele. Reports claim that Jimmy Tau was probably one of the reasons that George and Sizakele broke up.

A source told the paper that Jimmy plans on sending delegates to Sizakele’s home to start lobola negotiations. They also added that Jimmy brags about how he’s scored the jackpot with her.

“He likes the fact that she comes from a wealthy family and she is independent and has her own money.”

Another source told the paper that Jimmy believes that there’s no one else out there for him.

“Jimmy’s eyes are on the bigger prize. He knows if he marries Sizakele he won’t have to struggle because there will always be financial back-up. Jimmy has his own money.”

When they called Jimmy for comment he dropped the phone on them and Sizakele was unavailable for comment and well George, George is still dealing with his assault charge.

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