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ICYMI: DJ Zinhle Writes AKA The Cutest Father’s Day Poem Ever!


In all honesty, currently all our attention is on the celebrity baby mommy’s and every cute moment of their pregnancy that they share with us.

One of our favourite mommy’s at the moment is baby mama Forbes aka DJ Zinhle, haha see what we did there? As we all know DJ Zinhle and AKA are currently expecting their first baby together and boy oh boy is this the cutest pregnancy you’ve ever seen or what?

Just last week Friday DJ Zinhle launched her online blog by the name ‘MOMents’ where she shares all her precious moments and MOMents about her pregnancy and relationship with AKA.

Just recently DJ Zinhle took to her site to share a poem that she wrote for baby daddy King Forbes. Before she shared the poem Zinhle expressed that she had to ask for some help from their little baby to write this special poem for Kiernan.

The poem titled ‘For my Daddy’ brought a few tears to Zinhle’s eyes we must be honest, we shed one too. Check out Zinhle’s poem to AKA below:

For my Daddy

I know it’s you when you touch Mommy’s tummy
She laughs so hard when you say something funny
Or something silly like, ‘Baby…this is Big Brother’
As I smile at the touch and the voice of my father

Mommy’s heart beats faster when you’re around
I kick and move at your every sound
It makes me glad when you’re always happy
Can’t wait for the day when you’ll be changing my nappy

I dream of the day when I’ll meet you Dad
Although leaving Mommy’s tummy makes me sad
Then I think of bath time and family fun
And falling asleep on your chest when it’s done

I know that you love me and how much you care
Mommy says you work hard to make my life rare
I want to thank you for all you have done
So this is my promise to love you like none

Now it’s time for my nap inside Mommy’s tummy
Before I forget…she said that you’re yummy
What does that mean? I hope you’re not toast
Happy Father’s Day Daddy, I love you the most

The End

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